bolt not closing

  1. LittleMike

    Problem chambering 30-06 the bolt sticks

    This happen today, I hand loaded 30 nosler, 30-06 cases ( fired 4x ) with 180gr Nosler Accubonds, - Oal to ogive 2.7020", - all cases were previously neck sized, - measured to shoulder 2.0455", - trim length 2.4855" - all primers below edge of pocket When I chamber the round, before I...
  2. Ward Thurman

    Belted magnum brass won't fit in the gun

    Hello all. I am Ward Thurman, long time reloader for my sons bountiful hunting (usually). We recently purchased a used M77 in 338 Win Mag. This is our first belted magnum. We also bought some used Remington brass and after I loaded them up, they would not allow the bolt to close. We bought some...