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  1. Coercionist

    Switch barrel ELR caliber selection

    After a good bit of research I have decided that for what I want, a 20-25ish pound rifle with the capability to shoot at ranges from 1000 yards to 2 miles and also bag an elk at 1000 yards, a switch barrel rifle would suit my wants best given that any one caliber can not efficiently fill every...
  2. J

    Just a Heads Up on Game Bags

    Black Ovis Game Bags on Camofire today.
  3. 3

    African Safari Hunt for 4

    I have for sale or trade a hunt for 4 people to go hunt in Southern Africa all you have to do is buy flights to get there the rest is all inclusive.. Planned it as a family trip but Health issues have come up and it's no longer an option at the time... more information available upon request...
  4. R

    Ft. Worth Texas Optics Company

    See our latest review in NRA - Shooters Illustrated Shooting Illustrated | Rudolph Optics VH 4-16x50 mm Review