berger 105

  1. ddman


    I have one unopened box of Berger 6mm 105 hybrids. I bought them from a guy at work to trade for Berger 6.5 135 classic hunters but they got traded before I could get a msg I had these. I don’t own a 6mm so they are doing me no good. I would rather trade for Berger 6.5 135 classic hunter, or...
  2. Blaster01

    105 hybrid or 109 lrht

    Anybody have either of these Berger bullets they aren’t using? I’d buy a lot of them
  3. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 105 grain 6mm Boat Tail Target Bullets / Shot 6 mm BR Laupa Brass

    I have one un-opened box (100 count) of Berger 6mm Boat Tail Target Bullets. Sold rifle don't need anymore. 45.00 shipped. Thanks.
  4. charliehorse27

    6mm Berger 105 gr VLD - Bulk Packaged by JLK Bullets

    For sale are 300 6mm Berger 105 gr VLD bullets bulk packaged by JLK Bullets. Remnants from an estate sale. $115 shipped to your door.