1. Petey308

    Considerations for loading belted magnums

    This thread is another collection of words by me I’ve saved to share when it might be useful. It’s not all inclusive, but hopefully someone will find it useful. Loading Belted Magnum Cartridges I was asked to talk about reloading belted magnum cartridges. I myself don't load for too many...
  2. K

    New Savage Belted Mag Closes on No-Go Gauge???

    Gents: On a learning curve with belted magnums - I've got a 116 in 338WM new from Savage. It has one of the new squishy recoil pads on it, so I think it was made this year. It was bought as new from a shop that I've done business with, and they had to special order it (it is a lefty), all the...