bell and carlson

  1. Blueridgeguy

    Updating Winchester 70 300wsm

    Good Afternoon, just signed up today and needing thoughts on improving a stainless Win mod 70 300wsm. It's factory other than I have installed a Timney trigger. Question one... I'd like to replace the "plastic" stock. Would you choose an HS Precision or Bell and Carlson? Question two...
  2. ellison3dpro

    B&C M40 700 la bdl 200

    I have a bell and Carlson m40 take off stock. Taken off a Remington 700 long range. Hardly used, looks like new. 700 long action bdl. Asking 180 shipped. Items i will work trades for 700 trigger 700 LA bdl bottom metal, or magpul
  3. tr175

    Rem 700 LA Sporter Stock

    I am looking for a Remington 700 LA sporter style stock. Bonus if it has been opened up for a straight contour carbon barrel. What you guys got laying around in the closet?
  4. Holycity73

    Bell and Carlson a5

    Bell and Carlson A5 with hydrodipped WOOD finish. Marinetex Bedded for 700sa, heavy varmint barrel channel, BDL bottom metal. Minor cosmetic wear, all adjustments work as they should. $300 tyd Open to trades.
  5. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 110 LA blind mag BC Duramaxx Stock

    stock was opened up to support an M40 contour barrel, perfect glass bedding job, pillars, comes with mag follower, silver trigger guard, but no metal box mag. Stock is in 95% condition. $125 shipped. PayPal please. Text 786-442-4045
  6. D


    WTT: Remington 700 CDL in 7 mag for a McMillan, Manners, or bell and Carlson long range/tactical, etc stock WITH detachable magazine bottom metal. Need it for a RH, SA, Remington 700 build. Trying to get into PRS. Please call or text 786-442-4045 for pictures or PM me.