1. T

    NightForce Base for Kimber 84

    I have 2 of these for sale. One is NIB and other is new in open box. Both are NightForce bases for Kimber 84 SA. Both are 20 MOA. $55 each shipped Will consider trade for Base for Winchester Model 70 LA. Prefer NightForce but might consider other brands.
  2. S

    Swarovski Z6i 5-30 x 50 BT L - not enough verticle adjustment to zero at 50 yards?

    I just mounted a Swaro Z6i 5-30 BT L scope on my Weatherby Mark V Ultalight 300 WBY MAG. I used the existing Leupold 30MM rings and bases that were used with the previously mounted Steiner 3-12 X 56 Predator Extreme scope. I could use medium rings instead of the high rings that were in place. I...
  3. J

    30mm Rings and 20 MOA Base

    Looking for a set of 30mm medium rings and a 20 MOA base. Must be Seekins Precision, Nightforce, Vortex Precision, or similar quality. For a Remington long action. Used are ok if in good condition. Someone has to have an extra set laying around!!!
  4. SofaKing

    EGW HD Tactical base LA Remington 700

    I have a new in the package EGW HD Tactical 0MOA scope rail. Fits Remington 700 long action. $50 tyd
  5. K

    ACD: Rail/Base or Scope Tube Mount, Which Is Better?

    Been studying Anti-Cant Devices - lots of searches and reading here. We've pretty well hashed out why they are useful, but there is an aspect that I don't see covered very well - do you find it best to have it mounted on the base/rail or attached to the scope? It seems to me that base could...