1. Tac284

    Bartlein 25 cal, #3 1-10 twist

    As the title states, Bartlein, .257, 5R, 1:10 twist #3, 26" finish. 1.200 shank diameter and .671 at the muzzle. Will still finish @ 26". Friend changed his mind on the twist when I had it in the lathe so the shank is turned (still oversized), see pictures. Barrel is excellent and should make...
  2. lilharcher

    Bartlein #3 7mm Spiral Fluted

    I have a brand new Bartlein #3 profile, 7mm with 1:8 twist.....finishes at 26” (or less). This barrel has been spiral fluted by Karl Kampfeld (from Kampfeld Customs), arguably the best barrel flutter in the industry.....beautiful work. Weight is 3.3 lbs post flutes. All ready for a chamber job...