1. elkoholic72

    338 Norma Mag Defiance, Bartlein, AI

    Defiance Deviant action. Bartlein 28 inch barrel with 4 port brake. Accuracy International AX AICS 338 Lapua Magnum CIP stock with 1 magazine. Jewel Trigger. Comes with Forester full length sizing dies, ultra micrometer seaer die, full length bushing die and 3 bushings, 50+ Hornady 285 bullets...
  2. Braunschweiger

    Short Action Customs 6.5x47 Barreled Action (New)

    Found some parts and rifles I couldn't pass up for the money, so I wont be using this rifle any time soon. It has never been fired and has sat in the safe ever since it was purchased. This is a top end build with each component. It was built by Mark at Short Action Customs this past year. I can...
  3. IdahoHunter208

    Custom Rifle Help: 7mm Cartridge Decision and BDL choice

    I just purchased a sweet little custom setup and need some help figuring out what 7mm/.284 cartridge I want to chamber my rifle in and what bottom metal to do. Specs: Action: BigHorn SR3 Long Action Magnum BF. Wyatts cut Stock: Manners EH1 inlet for Bartlein 3B contour, Hawkins BDL cutout...
  4. MrCapps22-250

    338 Edge and NF ATACR 5-25

    Asking $6,500 for this turn key rifle. If interested in trying it out I’m always down to go stretch its legs!! I’m located in Idaho 127 rounds down the tube!! 338 edge, built on a blueprinted and timed Remington 700 action 30” bartlein barrel, spiral fluted bolt with extended bolt knob, timed...
  5. Hse0785

    Fluting a barrel after it had been threaded

    Hello, I purchased a new Bartlein 30 cal 1:10 sendero barrel based on the input from a local smith that the barrel could be fluted after the rifle was assembled & 0 degrees established. I’m sure someone has done this previously. I am more accustomed to barrels being relieved by the barrel...
  6. S

    Beanland/KMW/Defiance .308

    I have a Jon Beanland .308 for sale: $3000 + shipping, OBO. Less than 300 shots fired. Can include the Vortex Razor Gen I (5-20) MOA and Seekins Precision rings for an extra $1000. Please email me at [email protected] or text/call 620-687-5680 for pictures and more information. -KMW...
  7. J

    Bartlein Barrel 7mm 1-8 twist Rem Varmint contour

    Ordered for a 28 Nosler build, and the wait time was about 4 months. My gunsmith found one to go ahead and start my build. This one finally showed up in the mail, so I need to get rid of it. Info on order sheet: 7mm Barrel, .277x.284, 5R Rifling, 1-8.0 twist, Stainless Steel #13 Rem...
  8. FreemanKendon

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bartlein 6.5 barrel 1:8

    I decided to go a different direction with a build. 29” Bartlein 5R SS .264 1:8 Twist, marksmen contour barrel. Asking $350 shipped $325 local pickup in San Antonio, TX
  9. N

    McMillan SA Game Scout / Game Warden Adjustable

    Looking to buy either of the stocks below in a Remington 700 SA Clone. Barrel contour similar to Bartlein #2b - 4, let me know what you have. Long Action Game Warden adjustable in ultra light/ edge tech Short Action Game Scout adjustable in ultra light / edge tech
  10. D

    Fluted Bartlein vs Proof Research sendero contours

    What would you do? Building a backpacking hunting rifle/general long range but ok with it not being CRAZY light since I’d rather pack a little weight than a mule that’s going to beat me up. 26 inch barrel I’m thinking a fluted bartlein sendero contour is going to run around 3.8-4 pounds since...
  11. elkoholic72

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6x47 Lapua Defiance S&B Turnkey ready!

    6x47 Lapua built by Southern Precision. Shoots as good as you can. 1/4 moa is doable, as are most rifles built by Bugholes. 262 rounds fired. Defiance Deviant RH action. Bartlein 22 inch 8 twist Barrel. Jewel Trigger. AICS 2.0 folder stock with 1 5 round magazine. Nightforce 6 screw rings...