barreled actions for sale

  1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Prefit carbon fiber and stainless barrel for sale

    pre fit barrels and barreled actions are on sale until this sunday! Use Promo code "COVID" at check out to save 50$ and get free shipping on top of our sale prices! we cutr prefits for Big Horn, Curtis, Terminus, ARC, IMPACT, seekins, and more link to website below...
  2. S

    Custom Pre Fit Barrel SALE extended

    Just a quick update...Straight Jacket Armory has EXTENDED the $50 discount and FREE shipping on all custom pre fit barrels and barreled actions through 4/18! Whether your action is made by Accuracy International, Curtis, Seekins, Kelby, Impact, Big Horn, Lone Peak, Terminus etc if you need to...
  3. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Terminus Barreled Actions

    With stainless barrels, 308 bolt faces, and choice of provided contours and lengths, pick your chamber and get into a top shelf precision action for a great price! Straight Jacket Armory has 2 Terminus Apollo Barreled Actions for only 1699.00! When they gone, they are gone! If you don’t see...