barrel length

  1. 1

    Short barreled 257 Wby

    I’m looking to rebarrel my .257 Weatherby and was wondering if there’s a good reason, other than loss of velocity, why a 22” barrel would be a bad idea. I figure that the gun has velocity to spare, and it’s just going to be a hunting rig so compact size would be more beneficial. Additionally...
  2. Unega Waya

    Optimal 300 wsm barrel length WITH suppressor

    Hello all, First post on here so if there are any rules I end up crossing please let me know, I’ll get it fixed ASAP. I also tried searching the threads, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for as most questions weren’t related to suppressor use. Question: What barrel length for 300...
  3. D

    Thread the ADL or just Rebarrel it

    So, managed to actually walk into a decent “deal” on Armslist and picked up a pre freedom Remington 700 ADL 30-06 w/ a VX2. Problem is I’m not interested in Hunting unsupressed anymore so I need to decide if I should thread what I have or just go ahead into the rabbit hole and do a full...
  4. D

    7mm RM Question-First Post from Lewiston, ID

    I've been reading Len's LRH magazine for just under a year but this is my first post. Great Forums and very solid answers which I appreciate. Opinions and egos don't get too big and I appreciate the level of experience out there. I found Long Range Hunter at the recommendation of a buddy who is...
  5. S

    20" or 22" 6.5 Creedmoor

    I'd love to get some opinions/thoughts (read help) on deciding on a 20" or 22" barrel for my new rifle build. A few things to consider: Hunting will be my main activity, but interested in getting into some casual local long distance shooting competitions. I will be often be shooting suppressed...
  6. D

    Optimal barrel length on 300WinMag

    Hello everybody, it's a pleasure to join this forum. I recently got a Remington 700 300WinMag action and I am going to barrel it with Lothar Walther Big bull barrel (I live in Europe). I would appreciate your opinion regarding the optimal barrel length/muzzle diameter for this caliber/action...