barrel blank

  1. L

    SELLER: Bartlein 29” .30 cal HP blank 10T

    Have this Bartlein blank for sale, ended up going with a 9 twist instead of 10. $410 shipped.
  2. L

    Bartlein 29” .30 cal Heavy Palma blank 10tw

    Got this Bartlein 29” 10t .30 cal blank for sale. Ended up going 9 twist for .300 PRC. $410 shipped.
  3. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hawk Hill .30 cal barrel blank

    For sale, a new, uncut and unchambered Hawk Hill .30 barrel blank. I picked this up in person a few weeks ago, as the HH is a local shop. It is a 28" blank in their heavy varmint contour, with 1:9 twist rate and 4 groove rifling. Very nice, quality made barrel, typical Hawk Hill. Asking $350...
  4. Charlie Brown Jr.

    Brux .338 barrel, 31" long .875 @ the muzzle-- 9.5 twist.. 385.00 TYD

    Heavy .338 bbl. will finish @ 30" Here is your perfect Edge or Lapua bbl. The last one I chambered, identical to this one, would pile 300 gr. Berger's in one 50 cal. size hole.. Brux makes a great bbl. easy clean and break in. No 4 month wait for this one. I'll ship the same day the loot...
  5. sheffe

    Proof Research carbon barrel .270

    Brand new blank ready for your new bolt action build. Proof Research carbon fiber barrel blank .277cal- 1:10 sendero contour 26". $585 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  6. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manson 6.5 PRC Reamer used to cut only one chamber.

    Price dropped. 6.5 PRC Reamer Dave Manson. Used to cut only one chamber. Floating pilot head. SAAMI spec. .088 Freebore. $145 shipped to the lower 48 only. Paypal Friends & family or add 3%. USPS Money order Accepted.