barnes bullets

  1. Jack300WSM

    300g Barnes TSX in 45-70

    I’ve been loading my Marlin 1895 gg with 300g Barnes TSX FN. My current load for it consist of 47.0g H4198. It’s pretty accurate and comfortable to shoot. Not seeing sny ejector marks or smashed primers. But I’ve not been able to find this combo in any manual. Should I be concerned?
  2. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Barnes 285 gr TAC-X - MAKE AN OFFER

    For sale is three new boxes of the Barnes 285 gr TAC-X bullets. $100 SHIPPED.
  3. BlazerBeam

    338 RUM 250 Barnes LRX

    Anybody shooting the 250 grain Barnes LRX out of their 338 Ultra mag? I have a 26 inch Fierce carbon fiber barrel on mine and would like to try this bullet out if I can get it going at least 3,000 FPS with great accuracy (half inch at 100 yards). I have tons of H1000, retumbo, and RL26. Anybody...
  4. DNADave

    Help with .300 Weatherby Mag load data

    As part of a transaction I did to get a bunch of ammo boxes, I also got several bags of miscellaneous .308 caliber bullets. I have load data for most, but two I'm particularly interested in giving a try I have no usable data: Barnes 168gr TSX BT and Barnes 175gr LRX. You can indeed find load...