barnes bullets

  1. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Barnes 285 gr TAC-X - MAKE AN OFFER

    For sale is three new boxes of the Barnes 285 gr TAC-X bullets. $100 SHIPPED.
  2. BlazerBeam

    338 RUM 250 Barnes LRX

    Anybody shooting the 250 grain Barnes LRX out of their 338 Ultra mag? I have a 26 inch Fierce carbon fiber barrel on mine and would like to try this bullet out if I can get it going at least 3,000 FPS with great accuracy (half inch at 100 yards). I have tons of H1000, retumbo, and RL26. Anybody...
  3. DNADave

    Help with .300 Weatherby Mag load data

    As part of a transaction I did to get a bunch of ammo boxes, I also got several bags of miscellaneous .308 caliber bullets. I have load data for most, but two I'm particularly interested in giving a try I have no usable data: Barnes 168gr TSX BT and Barnes 175gr LRX. You can indeed find load...