1. B

    Badger Ordnance M5 bottom metal

    I have a lightly used M5 bottom metal from Badger Ordnance for sale. This includes the bottom metal and unused pillars only. I used the action screws for another project and there is NO magazine included. Purchased new from Bugholes, very lightly used. $215 shipped
  2. J

    30mm Rings and 20 MOA Base

    Looking for a set of 30mm medium rings and a 20 MOA base. Must be Seekins Precision, Nightforce, Vortex Precision, or similar quality. For a Remington long action. Used are ok if in good condition. Someone has to have an extra set laying around!!!
  3. ophious

    Badger Ordnance 34mm Medium FDE Cerakoted Rings

    Looking to get rid of these rings because I went with a Spuhr Mount. Number on these are 1005-306-61. 34mm Diameter 1.125" . Pics to come Sold Item is being listed in multiple forums. Sold
  4. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Badger Ordnance M5 bottom metal in HS Precision 700P takeoff

    I have a Badger M5 short action bottom metal that I would like to sell. It does not include a magazine. $250 I also have an HS Precision stock that was originally on a 700P that was inletted by Badger for this bottom metal. $250 Both are in like new condition. $475 for both. The barreled...