autotrickler v3

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    SOLD/EXPIRED V3 AutoTrickler with majority of Area 419 upgrades

    I’m selling a V3 in great shape with most of the Area 419 upgrades and some extra parts as well. I think the only missing piece is the V shaped pan which I am still using. I also have a 120i scale in very good condition with installed electronics. The scale can be added on to this item. Asking...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Auto Trickler V2

    I'm selling my V2 Autotrickler. Comes withe everything that came in the box from Adam. Price is $275 shipped. A&D scale not included.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB V3 Autothrow

    Looking for a V3 autotlrow if anyone is selling one. I have a V2 and never got around to upgrading to the V3.
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    AUTOTRICKLER V4 – Riser Mod

    Hey all, Just finished up a riser system for the AutoTrickler V4, if anyone is interested. Current setup: AutoTricker v4 A&D FX-120i Scale Base support for either the Factory Circular scale pan or the Area 419 triangle scale pan (just specify on request). * If you have a different scale...