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    SOLD/EXPIRED Area419 Hellfire adapter covers

    I have for sale several leftover Area419 Hellfire adapter covers. They’re in like-new condition. $25 each shipped. The other items in the original photo have been sold already.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Area419 Hellfire 30 cal brake + extras

    I have for sale a lightly used Area419 Hellfire 30 cal muzzle brake with two adapters, both 1/2x28 and 5/8x24, and two adapter caps. Willing to split off parts, but only after the muzzle brake itself is sold with the adapter of the buyer's choice. Prices are as follows, and include shipping...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Area419 Hellfire Suppressor Mount for TBAC CB/Ultra

    For sale is a lightly used Area419 suppressor mount system to convert your TBAC CB or Ultra to their Hellfire mount series. This thing was awesome, and I used it with adapters on all my rifles. I just realized I preferred going direct thread on my suppressor, and sent it back to TBAC to get...