area 419 muzzle brakes

  1. 360Precision

    300 PRC Rifle, MDT ACC Chassis, Curtis Helix Long Action

    Chassis MDT – ACC Chassis (Custom Cerakote Black & Red) includes Standard SRS-X Elite Buttstock MDT – Vertical Grip MDT – Interior forend weight kit MDT – exterior M-Lok weights (2 pair) MDT – Buttstock weight Action & Trigger Curtis Helix Long Action Triggertech Diamond Flat Trigger Barrel...
  2. R

    Area 419 Hellfire Brake

    Slightly used 6mm Hellfire self timing stainless brake. $135.00 shipped.
  3. Braunschweiger

    Short Action Customs 6.5x47 Barreled Action (New)

    Found some parts and rifles I couldn't pass up for the money, so I wont be using this rifle any time soon. It has never been fired and has sat in the safe ever since it was purchased. This is a top end build with each component. It was built by Mark at Short Action Customs this past year. I can...
  4. Canhunter35

    Experience with area 419 muzzle brakes

    Anyone have any experience with the area 419 muzzle brakes, particularly the sidewinder?