1. Petey308

    My son’s 500 yard shot on a whitetail

    Just wanted to brag a bit… Another succes in the books, for our whitetail season, for my oldest son, and for the 135gr .308" Apex Outdoors Afterburner. This morning my 13yo boy made a great shot with my coaching and help. A group of does popped out of the woods about 120 yards from us, with a...
  2. yorke-1

    Apex Afterburners in 6.5mm, .277, 7mm, and .338

    I've had a few of the newer Afterburners from Apex in my hands for a while now, but I'm just getting time to start working with them now. I thought I'd post up some of my results as I go along. I have the 102gr 6.5mm, 103gr .277", 117gr 7mm, and 200gr .338" to try out. I'm just starting to work...
  3. Petey308

    Testing the 135gr Apex-Outdoors Afterburners

    Got my 135gr .308" Afterburners in today. So here starts the testing on them. Follow along. I'll be starting the testing in a 24" 1:10 twist 308win and the intent is to test them close range first on whitetail this November. First thing was first, I wanted to see how consistent these bullets...