1. N

    SD Sportsman

    Good hunting here, just ask Sue (our T-Rex from NE). Tropical swamp in those days, so much for global warming. Good walleye fishing in the Glacial Lakes area, so maybe it is warmer now? The covid lockdown wasn't mandatory statewide, but it got everyone out hunting and fishing, a good thing...
  2. jordanrw23

    Had a great weekend in Montana (Blackfeet Nation)

    Well after building a load for my Kimber 280 Ackley with a Barnes 145 LRX and H4831sc. Found a unique looking antelope and took a 375 yard shot and my load development all came together on Friday Oct. 15. Saturday morning I was blessed at first light with possibly my personal best bull elk on...
  3. R

    Wyoming 2021 Deer and Antelope hunt-need help and suggestions

    Greetings all, I enjoy the wealth of information on these forums... I have decided that it is time for me to use my Wyoming points in 2021 and I would value member opinions and suggestions on how best to spend them. Currently, I have 9 Antelope and 8 Deer points from Wyoming due to my...
  4. Daegon

    Montana Unit215

    Hey gang, Drawing results came out and I finally got a 215 tag for Montana. I’m wondering if anyone has hunted it before and has any info and doesn’t mind sharing. Got a call into the biologist and I’m already looking at BMAs but some actual experience would be greatly appreciated!
  5. IdahoHunter208

    Archery Antelope

    Any tips or tricks on archery hunting antelope? I will be hunting in Southwest Idaho in early September. Temps normally around 65-75 degrees. Ground blind or spot and stock? Tips? Decoy?
  6. D

    2018 Wyoming Antelope & Elk Seaon

    Take a look. To sum up last season it was quick and went by too fast. Work had me in the office almost continuously. What time I did get I spent getting my old man his first pronghorn. That said, I did connect with a few critters and enjoy every minute!!
  7. O

    combo hunt in wyoming antelope and deer

    My question is this, I am a non resident wanting to hunt in wyoming for antelope and mule deer at the same time, I have no points, and find the web-site and the reg. book really difficult to navigate, the unit boundaries are not the same, so trying to do the research is difficult for the same...
  8. Canhunter35

    First antelope

    Finally got drawn for antelope for the first time. Had my eye on this fella for a bit, managed to get him yesterday. He gave us a bit of a run around with tall weeds and grass making it difficult to get an effective range then the herd took off and I lined up on the fence they were going under...
  9. S

    2018 Wyoming Antelope Unit 32

    Greetings Everyone, glad to finally be here. I am looking for any info for the 2018 Wyoming Antelope season. I will be going 2nd week of October. Since this will be my first time hunting there, I got a doe tag and a Muddy Mountain access permit, and will be staying in Casper. Will be using a...
  10. Blue Ridge Rifleman

    Nevada Units 043 - 046?

    I drew a Nevada resident buck antelope tag for Units 043 - 046. Is anyone else here hunting these units this year? If so, should we consider teaming up on these rascally goats? I will likely hunt the opening.