1. In_Him

    SOLD/EXPIRED AG Composite Stock for Tikka T3x

    Hey everyone, I have a Tikka stock looking for a new home. Stock is an AG Composite Alpine Hunter in Sage Camo with slong studs and two QD cups on the left side. Stock has already been bedded by a gunsmith up in Gillete Wyoming. Stocks retail is $749. Don't recall how much the bedding was...
  2. H

    Mesa Precision Arms Altitude CF Stock: Inletted for Defiance XM and Proof CF Sendero

    Brand New: Mesa Precision Arms CF stock. Made by AG Composites Inletted for a Defiance XM action and a Proof Sendero CF. Bedded by Straight Jacket Armory and ready to go with no wait times. 25.5 oz $850 shipped.