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  1. M

    Possible African hunt opportunity - limited time!

    I noticed that California Waterfowl has an auction going on that includes a 7 day hunt in S Africa, good for the next 2 years. The auction ends in 7 hours, and current bid for the hunt is only 1,200. I'm not into African hunting but this might be a great opportunity if you are and also a...
  2. adictosacazar

    Book Your African Dream Hunt!

    This is my special place in South Africa where I do 5 months per year with clients and wanted to share our 2023 prices, I will personally pick you up at the airport and hunt as well. Airport: Johannesburg Drive to Camp: 1 hour and 40 Min Area: Bela Bela, Limpopo. Hunting Area: 8.000 HA Website...
  3. adictosacazar

    Mozambique Hunt 2023.

    Mozambique Hunts, Book for 2023. BOOKING FEE: US$2.000 PER HUNTER THE REST 20 DAYS BEFORE TRIP. Email me: [email protected] Full Website: -Area: Luabo. -Hunting Season: 1 of May until November 30. -Main Airport: Johannesburg. (Flight from JNB to Maputo 1 Hour)...
  4. adictosacazar

    Mozambique Dream Hunt.

    Mozambique Hunts, Book for 2022 & 2023. If you are looking for a real hunting adventure this is a MUST! 100% Free Range. BOOKING FEE: 1.000 EUROS PER HUNTER THE REST ON ARRIVAL IN CASH OR WIRE TO ACCOUNT 20 DAYS BEFORE TRIP. Email me: [email protected] Cellphone / WhatsApp: +34652316769...
  5. adictosacazar

    Some Antelopes Down! September 2021.

    We had some 15 nice hunting days in our Limpopo Area, Took some great trophy's! I just love all the African Antelopes, you have 78 types approx. Once you been to Africa its addictive! Rifle: .416 Heym Scope: Zeiss V6 1.1-6x24 Ammo: Federal Premium Safari 400 Grains. Web:
  6. adictosacazar

    What's your favorite one?

    Love African antelopes, just a few weeks to be back on the bush, what's your fav one?
  7. adictosacazar

    Buffalos all over Africa.

    Specialize in Africa hunts, we have our own concessions in Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Kimberly, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Congo. Website:
  8. M

    Caution using Qatar Airways or connecting in Qatar/Doha

    Dear Long Range Hunting membership: Just completed Buffalo and Elephant with a .510 Well Express. Sable with .375 HH and .45 Colt on Nyala - great trip. Trip tainted by ammo, empty cases, mementos confiscated at Hamad Intl Airport Doha Qatar. Purely administrative. Qatar Airways was...
  9. BigBuck74

    Custom model 70 by david christman/ swarovski .416 rem dangerous game rifle

    I am selling my custom built Winchester Pre-64 type Model 70 Dangerous Game Rifle by David Christman chambered in .416 Rem. It carries a Swarovski Dangerous Game scope 1.25-4x24mm 1st focal plane. This rifle has never seen the bush, and is in 97%-99% condition. Less than 50 rnds through the gun...