1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Prefit shouldered barrels

    Check out our offerings for: AXIOM/VECTOR/TL3/ORIGIN/IMPACT/NUCLEUS actions. Pre-Chambered Barrels for your actions. Simple screw them on and your good to go. Guaranteed headspace To .001” same barrels the Straight Jacket Armory NRL/PRS teams are using. Proof stainless/ Proof Carbon/ McGowen...
  2. I

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Action, barrel, stock, from low to high $

    I going to build my first rifle and would like to know what parts to use. I would like to know from low, mid, high price range for actions, barrels, stocks. I really do not have a big budget, but i am a patient person, if need i will save and get what i want. Also like suggestions on cal. for...

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