1. P

    Kimber Mountain Ascent 280ai $1550

    Kimber Mountain Ascent 280 Ackley $1650 with factory fluted bolt Or $1550 with non fluted bolt Includes aftermarket trigger. I purchased the rifle second hand last spring. I have another Kimber 280ai, which ever sells first ill keep the other. Don't need two. Previous owner said he bought it...
  2. G

    243 Ackley Improved Sizing Die

    I'm in the dilemma of having a 243 AI, Redding Comp dies with body die that is for a 243 Winchester Imp not Ackley. Right now it's like pulling hens teeth finding an Ackley sizing die for this. Every set you see diverts you to the Win Imp. Which is a different dimension on shoulder diameter...
  3. specter29

    Ruger American 22-250 Ackley improved fast twist Proof barrel

    Selling my Ruger American in Magpul stock that was rebarreled to 22-250 Ackley (26" proof heavy Palma 1 in 7 twist) by Straight Jacket Armory. Comes with dies, Hornady 88gr eld-m bullets, and Burris veracity 3-15 scope. $1,300 Will sell rifle, dies, and bullets without scope $1,000
  4. specter29

    22-250 Ackley and 88 gr ELD-M's

    just got my 22-250 ackley back from my gunsmith anyone have any recommended powders or starting points for loading the 88gr ELD-M's or 90gr Bergers for it. It is a 1 in 7 twist 26" barrel.
  5. C

    260 ackley improved really worth it?

    I've been kicking around the idea of a 260 ackley improved and was wondering if it's really worth the expensive dies and the time fire forming/ case prep for what you gain if that much at all? Also I will be using a short action Remington 700 bartlien #4 8 twist barrel with the wyatt extended...
  6. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm Ackley Dies, Brass & More

    Like new set of Redding 6mm Ackley Improved dies, 17 once fire formed pieces of Remington brass, 30 pieces of new 6mm Rem brass, 38 fire formed rounds loaded with 80gr TTSX barnes bullets and a Hornady modified case for measuring COAL in your chamber. $160 Shipped.
  7. O

    Long Range Newbie Help Please

    Hey guys! I just joined this forum and am also just attemping to get into long range shooting. For me long range=500-600 Yards. My plan is to sell my Ruger 22-250 varmit setup with a leupold vx-iii 6.5-20. The only reason I bought it was because I felt it was very mispriced at $650, very lightly...