accuracy international

  1. aeroyote

    Two .223 Accuracy International Magazines

    Asking $60 each.
  2. Recoil Junkie

    Accuracy International barrel

    Removed from a new AT-X rifle after 300 rounds. Small tenon comes with thread protector and rubber cap at breech. 6.5 CM 1-8 twist 24" barrel. $600 shipped.
  3. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED Accuracy International 6.5 Creedmoor barrel

    for sale 26 inch 6.5cm barrel chambered on benchmark 8 twist MTU - I chambered this barrel for a friend whom I let borrow My AT rifle so he could learn to shoot a bolt gun. it was 1/2 Moa consistently with factory ammo. I know it shoots better. he shot 400 rounds of hornady 140 match through...
  4. S

    Custom Pre Fit Barrel SALE extended

    Just a quick update...Straight Jacket Armory has EXTENDED the $50 discount and FREE shipping on all custom pre fit barrels and barreled actions through 4/18! Whether your action is made by Accuracy International, Curtis, Seekins, Kelby, Impact, Big Horn, Lone Peak, Terminus etc if you need to...
  5. elkoholic72

    338 Norma Mag Defiance, Bartlein, AI

    Defiance Deviant action. Bartlein 28 inch barrel with 4 port brake. Accuracy International AX AICS 338 Lapua Magnum CIP stock with 1 magazine. Jewel Trigger. Comes with Forester full length sizing dies, ultra micrometer seaer die, full length bushing die and 3 bushings, 50+ Hornady 285 bullets...
  6. M

    Custom Rem 700 6BRDX + extras

    This is Chad Dixon Custom Rem 700 chambered in 6-BRDX ( The reamer specs used used for the 600yd rec set by David Stripling). Receiver: Trued and blueprinted Remington 700, .285 pinned and CNC machine recoil lug Bolt Fluted with large Tsc knob + M16 extractor. Barrel: 30" Bartlein 6mm (.236 -...