1. Greg Page

    Trijicon Accupower 4-16x50 Green MOA reticle

    New in the Box Trijicon Accupower model rs29c-1900021. Delivered to your door anywhere in the CONUS, Price Drop to $550 615-974-7152
  2. G

    SOLD/EXPIRED Trijicon 3-9x40 Accupower w/LT104 QD Mount

    Purchased this combo directly from Larue Tactical a couple of weeks ago and decided to go with larger magnification. It is mounted in the Larue mount. I did install a battery, so there is a very slight mark on the battery cap from unscrewing it. It was installed on rifle once, taken off and...
  3. Morse Industries

    Accupower 2.5-10x56 or 4-16x50????

    Anyone have either of these? Glass quality? Does it track reliably and return to zero? Does it track w precision? Not planning on dialing anything (because i know its not going to track and rtz perfect at this price) just using the MOA reticle to hold 400 to 800yards since its going on my short...