1. section8mainiac

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby Mark V Accumark 257 WBY with Zeiss 3-15 HD5

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark 257 WBY with Zeiss 3-15x50 HD5 with RZ-800 reticle. Both are in very good condition. Talley lightweight 1” rings Zeroed at 200. Ready to hunt. Sub MOA all day. Total package includes below $1800 Rifle $1200 Scope $650 RCBS 257 WBY dies $35 Buy complete package I...
  2. CSButler50

    hand loading the 30-378 Why mag

    I have a near new Wby Accumark in 30-378. I'm looking for an accurate load for the 200 gn Nos AB or the 212gn Hornady eldx bullets. I'm familiar with basic hand loading concepts but have never been able to make any really good handholds except for my 30-06 which has a really great Pac Nor...