300 PRC load data

    Specifically Looking for Starting and Max loads for: 300PRC RL-26 powder 210gr. ABLR bullet Thanks, Vaughn

    Nosler ABLR

    Looking For: 210 gr 30cal (.308) Nosler Accubond Long Range ABLR 58317 - 100ct
  3. jshepherd61

    For long range hunting only! We don’t discuss match components!

    Ok not trying to be a jerk, I shoot matches also, but since it’s getting close to hunting season and this is a ELR site. Let’s discuss Magnum calibers and hunting components you plan to use. I know there must be people settling on components that they can find VS what they normally use! I know I...
  4. A

    Nosler 6.5 PRC 142g AB,LR

    Looking to off load some ammo. $75.00 plus S&H
  5. StanB

    7mm Nosler 175gr AccuBond LR Bullets (qty 220)

    I have 2 boxes of 100, and 1 partial box with 20 looking for a home. $110 total for the lot, including shipping. (Midway's price is $60 per 100). Thanks for looking. StanB
  6. StanB

    Nosler 7mm 175gr Accubond Long Range Bullets

    2 boxes of 100, plus 21 remaining from a third box. $48 per full box, plus $8 shipping each. $100 for the whole lot, plus $8 shipping.