1. LVJ76

    7mm 162gr A-Max

    I have some 7mm 162gr A-Max bullets rhat I want to use on my 7mm Rem Mag, now I know they are designed for longe range shooting and it is a match bullet but, I keep reading reviews about how great it performs on game. Does it work as good or great on game or not at all? Do they blow up at close...
  2. sheffe

    Bullet clean-out 7 mm & 6.5 mm

    Prices show are shipped to your door. Happy to barter, trade or combine orders for reduce shipping. PM to arrange payments & shipping. 6.5 MM Bullets: 120 gr. Sierra pro hunter- 100 ct. full box $22 129 gr. Hornady SST - 50 Ct. partial- $16 130 gr. Berger VLD Target - 80 Ct. partial 38$ 140...