1. sheffe


    7mm WSM 2 boxes (50 ea) brand new Hornady. $130 shipped
  2. sheffe

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bech cleanup. Brass. Dies. Misc.

    Willing to combine, split, negotiate, discuss shipping, trade, etc. just send a message with offers. Dies:- all sold RCBS 28 Nosler standard FL and seating. Near new SPF RCBS 7mm rem mag standard FL and seating. Good condition. SPF Bullets:- all sold .338 hornady SST 200gr. Almost full box...
  3. B

    7wsm brass, die set and barrel.

    I have 10 brand new bags of 7wsm winchester brass for sale and 60 new brass that i pulled bullets from a factory load and 52 once fired brass. $35 per bag of new brass plus shipping costs. would like to sell in bigger quantity so don't have to make several shipping boxes. If someone buys all the...
  4. S

    7mmx300wsm reloading

    I am new here, Hi Guys! I had a question for you. I have Rem 700 5r milspec. It was .308. I had GA Precision re-chamber it for 300wsm. I had been thinking of re barreling it to 7mmx300wsm to take advantage of the high BC bullets. I have a bunch of 300wsm brass. whats the scoop on reloading...