1. Blaster01

    For Sale HCA Tikka 7 Sherman Short

    $2600 I have this rifle in a different post but wanted a new one with the pictures of the rifle with the new jcs stock -Tikka action that was gone through by mike at hells canyon armory, smoooothhh -26” benchmark barrel carbon wrapped chambered in 7 Sherman Short, light hunter contour -jcs...
  2. Blaster01

    For Sale Tikka- Benchmark Carbon- Hells Canyon Armory- 7 Sherman Short

    $2800 Testing the waters on this. Thinking about selling to get started on yet another build. I don’t have any pictures of the rifle in the current jcs adjustable stock with the ultralight fill. But I attached a couple pictures of it at the end. -Tikka action that was gone through by mike at...