7mm weatherby

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    Bansner Ultimate One 7MM WBY

    Bansner Ultimate One 7MM Weatherby for sale, no looking to trade. Rifle is in great condition with approximately 250 rounds down the tube from the records I have. Great lightweight mountain gun. Gun weighs 6 lbs. not scoped. I will include rounds I currently have and the once fired brass...
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    Weatherby MKV 7mm Weatherby Mag Like New

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS !!!!!!!!!!This is my Weatherby MKV Deluxe 7mm Weatherby Mag, with the 26 inch bbl, it is in excellent condition, Shoots very nice, I have only shot about 200 rounds through it. It comes with Leupold bases and 20 rounds of brass. If you are looking for a really great hunting...