7mm dakota

  1. D

    7mm Dakota Brass - Neck turned at factory?

    Good evening all, Looking for some advise after receiving these in the post a week ago... I seem to be the luckiest man on the planet having my NEW 7mm Dakota brass neck turned out of the factory... apparently. I have been palmed off to the Australia importer by the retailer outlet i bought...
  2. Ishak

    Wildcatting Fun & soft Norma Brass

    Forming 300 RUM brass down to a lower or shorter Cartridge: For this Example the Wildcat is called the "7mm Win Mag". With a Case is 2.5" long. 1st Trim the Brass to Length. I use a derelict .375 RUM FL Die and Move the shoulder for forming. It's important to establish the shoulder location on...