1. C

    New in box Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm left handed

    I’m selling a new in box left handed Christensen Arms Ridgeline 7mm. Carbon barrel and stock, muzzle break. This is a $2,225 gun that I will part with for $1500
  2. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Fierce Carbon Fury 7mm Rem Mag

    Fierce Carbon fury 7 mag in brand new condition. Has exactly 100 rounds through it (broke in barrel and tried loads with 160 Accubond and 180 Berger hybrid) shot those two bullets very well with H1000 and RL26. Also tried the 175 eldx and it shot those ok. Some 1/2 inch groups but usually in the...
  3. I

    PPU Brass yea or nae

    I hope I didn't make a mistake ordering PPU 7mag brass. I have used PPU ammo and been happy but never loaded any. Anyone have any experience with PPU Brass?
  4. BlazerBeam

    Fierce Fury 7mm Rem Mag

    SOLD I have a fierce fury 7 Rem Mag for sale with 105 rounds through it. It is a sweet shooter! I just can’t force myself to love a non-30 cal rifle. I thought about rebarreling to a 30 Nosler or something, but just ended up buying a completely new fierce in 300 RUM and am now selling...
  5. R

    7mm rem mag Shilen DGR, Stiller, Jewel, Greybull

    For sale is a lightly used 7mm Remington Magnum. Shilen DGR action by stiller, 26" shilen 1:8 twist barrel, Jewel trigger, Greybull stock. RCBS competition FL die and seater. 25 loaded rounds w/168 Bergers 3050fps, Nosler brass. Gun has been a consistent .3moa and under shooter out to 800yrds...