700 remington

  1. Tiger260

    Custom .260 Rem700 package

    LA Precision-built custom .260 Rem (William Roscoe) . Rem700 action blueprinted, KMW bolt knob, 20" Kreiger 1:8" #16 Light palma barrel - threaded (~700 rds.), Jewell trigger, Titanium/graphite cerakote, McMillan Remington Hunter OD Green, Hawkins M5 DBM Hunter, two flush cups, . Nightforce 20...
  2. .222 ND

    6.5 saum Remington 700

    Built by Nathan Dagley at SSG. McMillan stock,pillar bedded, bartlein barrel, Threaded bolt handle, Remington long action, bolt timed for primary extraction, and I believe it’s a timney trigger. Gun has about 120 rounds through it. I believe the only 2 bullets I shot were 143 eldx and 120...
  3. D

    The "Snake Rifle" - 700 Remington - 7mm Rem Mag

    This rifle shoots awesome and looks awesome! $649. Call 208-608-5179 "The Snake Rifle" 700 Remington "Trued" Action Gary Schnieder Match Grade Barrel 7mm Rem Mag Boyds Laminated stock Custom paint Weight: 10lbs 5oz
  4. D

    .260 rem barreled action

    Rem 700 VTR action Shilen Sendero Profile 24" Threaded 5/8"-24 600 rounds fired Shoots 147eld over H4350 very well. 1/2moa consistently. Pic shown is 10 rounds. Load data will be provided. Barreled Action ONLY. Chassis, Scope, mount, break, trigger, etc. not included. $800 + shipping.
  5. D

    Thread the ADL or just Rebarrel it

    So, managed to actually walk into a decent “deal” on Armslist and picked up a pre freedom Remington 700 ADL 30-06 w/ a VX2. Problem is I’m not interested in Hunting unsupressed anymore so I need to decide if I should thread what I have or just go ahead into the rabbit hole and do a full...