6x47 lapua

  1. jeremy_f24

    First custom rifle build (flood me with your suggestions or advice)

    First off I am an avid hunter, absolutely new and green to the reloading process and long range shooting. I have a cousin that is a genius at this and have talked much with him on suggestions / feedback which has led me to start shying away from standard rifles and delve into custom. my...
  2. BigBuck74

    Custom 6x47 lapua proof barrel

    Selling this for my buddy, it is custom built 6x47 lapua, built on a accurized tikka action, proof barrel and a pendleton composite thumb hole stock. Stock was hydrodipped in Kuiu camo by hydrodip here in boise. The gun shoots bug holes. 300 rnds down the tube. Just a really nice gun for the...