6.8 western

  1. A

    For Sale WTT Tikka 6.5 prc for 6.8 western

    I know it's long shot but I have a brand new/unfired Tikka t3x roughtech in 6.5 prc I'd like to trade for an xbolt 6.8 western. The only thing done to this one is the spray job on the stock and will come with the rail mount. It is unfired.
  2. Boomstickin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Browning X-Bolt 6.8 Western

    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Long Range 6.8 Western, 26” Barrel (28” w/brake) Radial Brake by Browning Talley Medium 30mm Rings Weight 7lbs + (www knows) I’m the 2nd owner, 1st owner bought the rifle/ammo for a hunt that never happened. He shot 1 box of shells (175gr STGK’s), cleaned it and...
  3. J

    Once Shot Brass For Sale

    Once shot factory ammo for sale. All in excellent condition. PM me for details. Calibers i have: 6.5 PRC 6.8 Western 300 WM 7mm Mag 308 Win 28 Nosler 25-06 Rem 350 LGND 30-06 SPRG 300 WSM