6.5 cm bergara rifle

  1. J

    Bergara 6.5cr barreled action w/brass and bullets

    Looking to sell a neglected, but very good shooting rifle, only because I don’t have the time to shoot it, like I do my other rifles. Price includes shipping, reasonable offers are welcome. It’s a Bergara B-14 barreled action that started its life as a BMP model. It’s chambered in 6.5creed with...
  2. Mac bailey

    Bergara HMR 6.5 CM

    I have a Bergara HMR in 6.5 CM operates like a dream and is a delight to shoot. Used very little and due to I have to many rifles and it is time to reduce a couple of them. Uese in deer season on day last season and took a buck at 250 yrds and it performed perfect. It is in excellent...