1. TriggerTime426

    First Elk hunt DIY Colorado public land highs and lows and success

    Me and a buddy set out for a public land DIY first ever elk hunt in Colorado for the second rifle season that I had been planning for about 2 years, and thought I would share the experience for others thinking about tackling something like this. We drove 16 hours from Iowa and went to unit 12. I...
  2. Texas Speed Bump

    Developing a New 'Hammer' Load for 6.5-06

    After all the buzz I've heard on this forum about Hammer bullets, I've decided to give them a shot (pun intended). I shoot a straight 6.5-06 with a 1:10 twist. Since this rifle was built, over 50 years ago, it's always been shooting 120 grain boat tails (Nosler ballistic tips for as long as...
  3. C

    Free Range Aoudad Hunt Leakey Texas

    Part 1 Long version...photo heavy! With bonus hogs! Wrangled an invite through my youngest daughter's husband. He is the ranch manager for several properties owned by his Boss. One of which is in Leakey Texas. My Son-In-Law (SIL) has told me about the place and that is had Aoudad. The owner...