6 dasher

  1. RuninL8

    6mm Dasher Custom

    This is custom built PRS ready rifle built by Capers Precision Gun Works, LLC. Brand new, 38 rounds fired for precision validation. This rifle was built with tolerances under .0001 runout. Extremely accurate and shoots like a dream. Does not come with suppressor, or bipod (Matching FDA thread...
  2. D

    Stiller Tac30 6 Dasher with brass and ammo $2000

    Got a Stiller TAC 30 in 6 Dasher for sale with the following Stiller 20MOA Rail Stiller .250 Recoil Lug, pinned Bartlien medium palma contour, SS, 26 inch long, 1:8 twist Muscle Brake Jewel Trigger Surgeon Bottom Metal and AICS Mag McMillan HTG-A Stock with swivels and 3 flush cups. Glass...