5.56 brass

  1. RavenRocksPrecision

    Free Shipping on all New Primed 5.56 and 223 Rem Brass (Labor Day Sale)

    Labor Day Sale Free Shipping on all Primed 223 Rem and Primed 5.56 Brass - applies to any quantity available (as few as 100 pieces) https://ravenrocksprecision.com/new-primed-5-56-brass/ https://ravenrocksprecision.com/new-norma-primed-5-56-brass/...
  2. uuolf

    WTB WTT for 5.56 G.F.L. once-ish fired brass

    I'm new in this forum so please bear with me... I've got plenty of other 223 brass I can trade... I also have 50 BMG brass and bullets I don't use anymore... And some 30-06 brass I've collected but never used... 40 cal, 44 mag, 45acp, All are once fired... Just looking to buy (or trade for)...