458 lott

  1. 2

    SOLD/EXPIRED .458 Lott Brass and Bullets

    95 Pcs. brass 30 new the rest were once fired , bullets have been counted , ammo boxes included $125.00 plus shipping
  2. Spartan5

    SOLD/EXPIRED 458 Lott

    Good morning, I am looking to pickup a CZ 550 in .458 Lott. I am open to other .458’s as well, I just have a CZ 550 .375 that I really like so that’s why I am looking for another CZ if possible but not a deal breaker. Anyone have one they are interested in parting with? Please let me know. Thank...
  3. G

    458 Lott Tooley Custom Unfired

    458 Lott Dave Tooley Custom Rifle This rifle was originally a Rem Custom Shop 458 Win mag African with Hi-C wood. I had Dave upgrade it to 458 Lott on a Lilja barrel and do everything he does to rifles. It sits in a Mac Hunter stock with decelerators. Weighs 10.25 lbs. Dave’s trigger and break...