1. redchinviking

    SOLD/EXPIRED S&W 329 pd 44 mag $1300 obo

    S&W 329 pd 44 mag in great condition. Scandium frame/titanium cylinder. Very light 26 oz! Only shot a box a shells a year for maybe three years. Superb packable bear gun for blackies or grizz. Only selling to downgrade to the lighter 357 mag version for blackies since I went with a 10 mm for...
  2. J

    Custom 44 mag

    Selling one of my revolvers, just don’t shoot it enough and would like to use the money to put towards a new chassis. Would also consider putting towards a trade for new MDT or MPA SA 700 chassis, Canik Mete SFx or something similar. It’s a Taurus M44 44mag revolver, with 4” ported barrel. I...