1. Coercionist

    .375 chamberings for ELR hunting and shooting

    Within a few years, I’m looking to travel the world and hunt game of every size. Including Kodiak bear, Cape buffalo, and maybe a giraffe if I can. To be able to safely take these game and abide by whatever laws that are set in their area I need a cartridge with a caliber of at least .375. I’ve...
  2. Ron Milby

    ELR Custom 375 Cheytac

    *** Trade Accepted *** ELR Custom 375 CheyTac featuring a Lilja fluted match-grade stainless steel 29 in. barrel with a 1 in 10” twist, Stiller Tac 408 action, 7 MIL/24 MOA picatinny rail, 3 gill Viersco Shark Bite muzzle break, Jewell bottom safety trigger, and a XLR Industry chassis with a...