35 whelen

  1. James Murphy

    SOLD/EXPIRED 35 Whelen Ackley improved

    Semi custom Remington 700 classic. Started life as a classic 35 Whelen, I had a local gunsmith ser it back and run an 40° Ackley reamer in it. 22" barrel, 24" with brake. Has less than 200 rounds down the pipe. Vari-x3 1.75-6x32 mm leupold, leupold mounts, factory walker trigger 2.5#, early...
  2. A

    Hard time closing bolt on 35 Whelen. Why?

    Here is what I think is likely a very simple problem I am having. I'm a fairly experienced reloader, but hopefully the real gurus here can help me out. I have a 35 Whelen built on a 1903-A3 action. It was not a rebarrel, but a rebore by Dan Pendersen at Classic Barrel & Gunworks in AZ. I am...