35 whelen

  1. RavenRocksPrecision

    LRH members take an extra 5% off select new hunting brass with code LRH5

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  2. RavenRocksPrecision

    35 Whelen Brass - new norma - 10% off

    Take an extra 10% off new 35 Whelen brass with coupon code 35Whelen10 $71.95 / 50 after code. Free shipping over $150 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-35-whelen-brass-50-ct/
  3. RavenRocksPrecision

    New Norma Brass: 270 WSM, 300 RUM, 35 Whelen, 375 H&H Mag, & 30-06 + 257 Wby Mag and more

    We just added some new Norma brass to the inventory. It's all in stock (no drop shipping or backorders): Free shipping over $150 270 WSM: $94.95 / 50ct https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-270-wsm-brass-50-ct/ 300 RUM: $114.95 / 50ct https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-300-rum-brass-50-ct/...
  4. James Murphy

    SOLD/EXPIRED 35 Whelen Ackley improved

    Semi custom Remington 700 classic. Started life as a classic 35 Whelen, I had a local gunsmith ser it back and run an 40° Ackley reamer in it. 22" barrel, 24" with brake. Has less than 200 rounds down the pipe. Vari-x3 1.75-6x32 mm leupold, leupold mounts, factory walker trigger 2.5#, early...
  5. A

    Hard time closing bolt on 35 Whelen. Why?

    Here is what I think is likely a very simple problem I am having. I'm a fairly experienced reloader, but hopefully the real gurus here can help me out. I have a 35 Whelen built on a 1903-A3 action. It was not a rebarrel, but a rebore by Dan Pendersen at Classic Barrel & Gunworks in AZ. I am...