34mm rings

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    *REDUCED NF 34mm High 1.125 inch 6 screw like new *REDUCED

    I have 34mm 1.125 rings that I had mounted for about a month and only about 20 firings. I put the scope on a different rifle and needed different height. These are almost brand new. $150 including shipping. Venmo or Paypal
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    Lightweight 34mm rings for Fierce rifle

    Does anyone have any input on a lightweight set of 34mm quality rings that will fit fierce rifles? Talley only makes up to a 30mm. Prefer not to have a rail. Thanks
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    WTS 34mm M10 Scope rings Extra Low

    Purchased to mount my ATACR 4-16x 44 as low as possible but swapped the scope for a 30mm. These rings are brand new. Never mounted. https://www.americanrifle.com/product/m10-scope-rings/ These are the 0.94" rings. Best ring design I have ever seen. I do not have the box they came in anymore but...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex PMR 34mm

    I have a new set of Vortex PMR 34mm rings in 1.45" height. NO packaging. $75.00