338 win mag

  1. RavenRocksPrecision

    For Sale 338 Win Mag Brass and Ammo in Stock + Ruger Hawkeye in 35 Whelen in Stock + 416 Rigby Brass in stock

    In stock today: Brand new Norma 338 Win Mag Brass - 50 ct - $89.95 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-338-win-mag-brass-50-ct/ Norma 338 Win Mag 230gr Oryx Ammo - 20 ct Box - $55.69 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/338-win-mag-230gr-oryx-premium-bonded-core-20-round-box/ Norma 416...
  2. FireFlyFishing

    For Sale Ruger No. 1 .338 Win Mag Vortex Viper PST 4-16X50

    Up for sale I have a Ruger No. 1 chambered in .338 Win Mag. This rifle is a safe queen, in excellent condition, and has less than 100 rounds down the pipe. The scope is a Gen 1 Vortex Viper PST 4-16X50 FFP. It's mounted in Warne Maxima 30mm rings. I have the box for the scope. I have hand...
  3. RavenRocksPrecision

    New Brass: 6mm PPC, 6mm BR, 6mm ARC, 257 Weatherby Mag, 338 Win Mag, 300 Win Mag

    Norma 6mm Norma BR - $89.95 / 50 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-6mm-norma-br-50-ct/ Norma 6mm PPC - $89.95 / 50 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-6mm-ppc-50-ct/ Starline 6mm ARC - $45.95 / 50 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/starline-6mm-arc-brass-50-ct/ + 257 Weatherby Mag, 338...
  4. trout004

    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for 338 Win Mag Brass

    Hello, I am reloading for a friend and am in need of 100 count of 338 WM brass. Prefer new and same lot. If you could spare some it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. M

    338 Win Mag, IMR 445

    Hello Everyone, I'm working with my son-in-law to work up a load for a 338 Win Mag, with Hornady 200gr SST bullets. Naturally, finding the power you'd like can be challenging - but I do have an unopened 8lb container of IMR 4451, Challenge is - Neither Hogdon nor Hornady offer information on...
  6. archangel485

    SOLD/EXPIRED Browning BAR 338 Win Mag

    For sale is a 1970 Belgium made Browning BAR in 338 Win Mag. It is in good condition, there are a couple nicks in the wood and rub marks on the steel. I have tried to capture all of them in pictures. Please review, and if there are any other pictures you would like to see please let me know...
  7. Gale Johnson

    FS Redding Hornady Forster Dies

    Redding 458 Win Mag #80208 $75 Redding 280 Rem #84142 Full Length Sizer, Neck Sizer and Seater $100 Hornady 338 Win Mag $50 Hornady 25-06 Rem $50 Forster 220 Swift Full Length Sizer, Neck Sizer and Seater $75 payment by check, certified check, or Money Order and shipping will be actual cost...
  8. bkshafer

    338 Win Mag Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

    Brand new in factory box never fired Winchester Model 70 Super grade. 338 Win Mag Post 64 26 inch barrel Asking $975.00 O.B.O. + $ 35.00 Shipping to your FFL Thanks for looking
  9. J

    Remington 700 sendero 338 win mag fluted (1st gen)

    I have an excellent condition first generation Remington 700 Sendero 338 win mag w/ a fluted barrel. C prefix action with a Barrel date code AO (March 1994). I bought it for my collection and have not shot it. The previous owner used it for elk hunting and said he shot it less than 60 times and...
  10. R

    338 Winchester Magnum Custom $3,800obo

    MARKED DOWN TO 2,500 FOR IMMEDIATE SALE ! Stiller predator action 800 for action only PB22248 stainless barrel gr douglas did the machine work to fit the barrel to the receiver. GR douglas 338 winmag. 26" with mated muzzle brake Bell & Carlon Stock Jewel Trigger set 4.2oz 200 for the trigger...
  11. hitail

    ISO - 338 WIN DIES

    I’m looking for a competition/precision 338 Win seating die. Let me know what you have and we can go from there. Thanks guys!