338 norma

  1. elkoholic72

    338 Norma Mag Defiance, Bartlein, AI

    Defiance Deviant action. Bartlein 28 inch barrel with 4 port brake. Accuracy International AX AICS 338 Lapua Magnum CIP stock with 1 magazine. Jewel Trigger. Comes with Forester full length sizing dies, ultra micrometer seaer die, full length bushing die and 3 bushings, 50+ Hornady 285 bullets...
  2. J

    New 338 NM Build and Load Work Up Advice

    I just had a 338 Norma magnum built and am in the early phases of my load work for it. If others here that have loaded for the 338 NM could give some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. The rifle is built on a Defiance Deviant action with a Bartlien barrel (27” heavy varmint contour @...
  3. 3

    338 Norma Mag

    custom 338 Norma Mag built by Carbon Six, Stiller TAC 338 action, 26”Carbon Six Magnum contour carbon wrapped barrel, Stiller bottom metal and follower, TriggerTech trigger, Terminator T4 brake, Iota Kremlin stock w/limb saver recoil pad, Vortex 5-25 ffp gen 2 scope and Hawkins 25 moa rings...