.338 lapua magnum

  1. Blaine2009

    Opinion’s on Christensen Arms MPR .338LM

    What is the general consensus on the Christensen Arms MPR in .338 Lapua Magnum? I’ve been thinking about picking one up and selling my current .338 setup. The MPR is lighter than my current rifle, and more suited for my use.
  2. K

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Lapua + Reloading Supplies FOR SALE

    Package Deal! All inclusive, one stop shop right here. Everything is in excellent condition. Gun has no marks or damage, and has been cleaned and oiled at all times. Scope is basically brand new - I would be willing to take the scope off the gun and reduce the price accordingly if you are not...
  3. H

    .338 lapua magnum

    Wanting tips on a 1500+ yard range finder that will mount to pic rail. Rookie on forums but salty combat vet. (USMC) Also looking to add various options so any .338 owners feel free. Thanks