.338 edge

  1. percyreynolds

    Custom .338 Edge $3800

    Time to let go of a dream. Built this rifle with my brother for a return hunt to Africa. Reynolds Rifleworks, John Day, Oregon Probably not in the cards anytime soon. Built off of Christensen Titanium LA Mag. Triggertech trigger. Opened up box. Redhawk aluminum BDL. Wyatt’s Extended, Mesa...
  2. T

    Best bullet for a 338 edge

    ive broken in my barrel with 250’s and was set on using the 300gr vld hunting as my bullet working up. However, I’m reading a lot on 250’s shooting flatter with less wind carry until you get WAY out there. What’s your experience?
  3. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Edge Rifle For Sale

    .338 Edge Rifle, includes bi pod! Has been shot less than 50 times, good condition other than a few scuffs on the barrel Price: $3,499
  4. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Edge Rifle For Sale

    Well kept and maintained .338 Edge Rifle. Some scuffing on the barrel but in overall good condition, Tan base. Price: $3,499 Email [email protected] for additional information and pictures