338 ammunition


    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Win Mag ammunition

    I have sold my 338 Win mag and have ammunition for sale. I tried to show the closeups in the photos. Here is the list of ammunition. I want to sell it as a lot, so I can keep shipping costs down. Norma - 230 grain Oryx 1 full box of 20, 1 box of 10 rounds with once fired brass = 30 rounds...
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    WTS: Barnes Ammunition 338 Lapua Mag - 280 gr LRX BT

    I have four 20-round boxes of 338 Lapua Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition in 280 gr LRX BT (P/N 30727) for sale. Asking $260 $230... now $220, shipped (CONUS) for all 4-boxes. These sell for $100+/box at places like Midway, Cabelas, Cheaper than Dirt, etc... I re-barreled my 338 Lapua to a 338 Norma AI...