1. S

    338-378 Weatherby Improved bench gun

    I bought this gun 2 years ago from my neighbor with the hopes of shooting long distance. Now both kids are into sports and I don't have the time to shoot as much as I would like so I'm selling my gun. It was built by a gentleman in Pennsylvania to shoot at the 1000 yard club in Williamsport in...
  2. Jim See

    Brown Precision 30-378 and 378 customs

    I have 2 Brown Precision Custom Weatherby mark V for sale. One in 300-378 and the other in 338-378. Both rifles are in excellent conditions and have less than 50 rounds fired , bores are excellent and clean. 26" medium palma contour barrels, 10 twist in both, 8.3 lbs each, triggers are a...